Saturday, March 7, 2015

6 (almost 7) Months

Well life has been a little on the crazy side! I had surgery, my Mom had surgery, we have Eric living with us for a month while Mom is in rehab, and somewhere before all of this madness started our little boy turned 6 months old!
He is enjoying solid foods like a champ! And as of this week, he is finally rolling over. He has been in no big rush to hit his physical milestones . . . and that's okay, because I know what happens once a baby starts moving . . . He is really changing quickly!
We had his 6 month checkup and he was 18lbs 3oz and 29.5in - no wonder he is already busting out of 12mo clothes! He is a couple pounds less than big brother at this age, but 1.5 inches taller! 

The boys put on their "handsome" shirts the other day to go visit Grandma.
And after the visit we went out to lunch with Daddy and Uncle Eric.
I love our sweet boys . . . But eating out will be a lot easier when Hudson can sit in a high chair.

I want time to slow down . . . seeing the baby stages go so quickly is a little sad this time around . . . 

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