Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Uncle Eric

Eric turned 47 yesterday - I still can't believe it!

We made sure he had a special day of fun. We hung out in the morning and then picked up lunch of his choice to take to the hospital so we could visit with Mom. On the way home, he picked out his birthday cake - a Chocolate Extreme ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Pretty sure we will be eating it for a while - the thing is huge - but it's what he wanted!
We came home for naptime/playtime (depending on who you were!) and then headed out for Eric's choice of dinner - he requested Japanese hibachi! I agreed before I realized the logistics - me with Eric and 4 kids . . . But it was great. And on our way we pulled onto the main road and this hearse followed us all the way to dinner!
I told Eric I had totally arranged a hearse escort for him :) The kids loved all of the flames and fun at dinner!
And of course, the cake was delicious!

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