Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Besties

Our best friends the Holloways were just in town to kick of Spring Break!! I can't describe to you how oddly peaceful it is when they are here - 4 adults, 7 kids, and 2 dogs - yet it is such a calm and loving atmosphere . . . Probably because they are like our 2nd family! Kareen made collages this time from over the years - I will let the pictures speak for themselves - because I don't have the words to describe the happiness I have in watching our children grow up together even though we will always be miles apart. And I can't explain the pride I see as the 2 men who used to be crazy 20 year olds display all of their awesome fatherly skills . . . Best to let the pictures speak their volumes . . . 
I love all of these little babies!!!
This little baby got left out a little bit on this trip - but will be ready to party with the rest of them next time!
Who would've thought 14 years ago when I met these 2 that we would all be where we are now . . . still best friends!
We miss them and are ready for them to come back!!

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