Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

As always, I had a great weekend spending time with my 4 reasons for celebrating Mother's Day!

Friday Marlie's class had a tea for moms. It was a lot of fun - she even recited a story she wrote about me.
Saturday we headed up to Clarksville for a birthday party. Before we went we stopped into our favorite strawberry patch.
I remember bringing Evan when he was only 3 weeks old! Hudson had about as much fun as Evan did.
We brought home more than enough berries.
I remember when Marlie couldn't even reach the hole in the strawberry . . . And now she has to bend down!
Sunday morning the kids (and Jayson) made me a wonderful breakfast in bed! And we are currently on hour 4 outdoors spending time on their new toy for summer!
Cheaper than a pool pass and I don't have to pack the kids up! And Hudson can enjoy his time in his private outdoor space in the shade :)
And the Popsicles are better here than the pool!
It has been a wonderful weekend with the people I love that allow me to have the fabulous title of Mom!

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