Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Deja Vu

There are times when déjà vu can be a fleeting feeling . . . And then there are times when it's very real.

This morning we were doing laundry before Hudson's morning nap and I realized I had been in this moment before. 2 kids on the ground, same nursery furniture, me doing laundry, seeing the awesomeness of 2 babies being siblings . . . 
And I realized I had the picture to prove it!
How was that picture 6.5 years ago?!

Only this time instead of playing with stuffed animals and being little girls, it was 2 boys reading and making pig noises cracking each other up.

The gratitude I feel for getting to have the same experiences over, but different becuase it boys . . . It's pretty awesome!

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