Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Weekend

We started off Friday night with Marlie's first school dance. It was a superhero theme since they were "TCAP superheroes" - their TCAPs were last week.  Marlie and I made a cape with a yard of fabric and some red ribbon - I will say that she was one of the most beautiful superheroes . . . and while I may not sew, I can fabric tape like its my job :)
While she went to her dance (where she "danced forever, drank a root beer, and ate a slice of pepperoni pizza"), the other 3 kiddos and I picked up some dinner and headed to the park. A few days earlier at the park we saw a mamma duck and her ducklings and we found them again Friday night.
Saturday we had a blast hitting up some garage sales. There were a few large neighborhoods having their community sales. Honestly, some people might think doing that with 4 kids 8 and under is crazy, but it was awesome! I mean, they're up by 6:30am anyway - so we grabbed some breakfast and a few movies for the car and hit the road. For the first several houses Marlie was the only one who wanted to get out - which was fine . . . And then for a few we would all get out . . . We stopped for a snack and then hit up a few more houses before heading home around 11:30 for lunch. Lots of treasures were found:

Marlie - 12 American Girl books for $4 and various other items
Samantha - some books and a mood necklace
Evan - some books, a bag of Thomas trains, and a Cars 2 poster (that he proudly hung over his bed)
Hudson - some books and a couple of shirts
Mommy - a fabulous chair for my bedroom 

It was time to replace the rocker we have had since I was pregnant with Marlie. It was a fabulous chair and I was sad to see it leave . . . But Hudson isn't a rocking baby and Evan likes to sit in my lap for stories, so this new chair is a chair and a half and much better for story time. And I gave the chair away to a young couple with a baby girl - so it went to a good home.

Sunday was spent catching up on chores and running through the sprinkler. Hudson got dressed up for outdoor fun.
You know you're cute when you can pull off that much plaid :)

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