Thursday, April 30, 2015


I can't believe that you are crossing the imaginary line from toddler to preschooler.
Right now you love and adore your Daddy and want to be just like him. You're growing your hair out (like Daddy), want to wear hats and sunglasses (like Daddy), and you are loving being Daddy's fishing buddy. In fact, the day before you turned 4, you caught your first 2 fish!
I am not entirely sure how you went from the tiny baby brother . . . 
To being almost the same size as Samantha!

Over the last week there have been talks of sending you to preschool . . . Truth is, you don't need the social aspects, and I am confident that we can get the learning done at home . . . And I am not quite ready to let you go. If I let you, you would be out that door going to school 5 days a week right now . . . You are the most social of your siblings without a doubt! But school will be there when we're ready - for now, I am keeping you as long as I can with me!

You will always be my baby boy, my first baby boy . . . And your smile lights up my world now just as much as it did when you were a baby . . . 

I love you Evan Michael . . . You are by far the coolest 4 year old out there . . . 

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