Thursday, June 18, 2015

Turning 9 Years and 10 Months

This year the girls opted for smaller celebrations for their birthdays - Marlie's was last week on her actual birthday. We headed to the newly opened American Girl Store for a day of fun with her 2 friends, Rebecca and Ava.
Before heading in she wanted to open her presents - hey, you make the rules on your birthday!
First up was lunch in the Bistro!
Even the dolls get special treatment.
And of course they was a birthday cake.
I cannot believe my sweet little first baby is 9 now! But I feel so blessed that I got to share a special day with her . . . Especially while she and her friends still think I am cool . . . 
Then we did a little shopping while the dolls enjoyed their time at the salon :)
While my first baby was turning 9, my last baby was turning 10 months!!
Something just clicked with him and he finally decided to start crawling, getting from his back to sitting (that was a shock to walk in after nap and see him sitting up!), and now he wants to try to pull up - all in a matter of 1 week! 
He is changing so much . . . I don't know which is harder to see . . . My first baby wearing high heels and looking 12 . . . Or my last baby becoming mobile and about to round out his first year of life . . . Both make me sad . . . And both make me excited . . . I have always been one to look forward to the next stage rather than look back on the stages that have passed . . . I don't know that I will continue that as we near the teenage years . . . I just got a little sick to my stomach with that thought . . . 

And because this is a post about turning new ages (and I am a little bit behind on life lately), here are Evan's 4 year pics we took last week.
He has made the same changes in the last year as his Daddy . . . From clean cut to slightly hippie . . . 
Tomorrow we will celebrate Samantha's birthday - hopefully it won't take a week to post the pictures from that . . . But it probably will :) Even though I am a bit behind because of the craziness of life right now, I can say that I am still finding moments to enjoy all of the little people that are a blessing to my life . . . And that's what it's all about!

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