Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life - Changes and Challenges

Well, it's been quite a while since my last post . . . truth is, life has happened, A LOT.  The last few weeks of life in the Crandall house have not been full of fun activities and lazy summer days - but they have been filled with hard work and lessons that family comes together when times are tough to help each other.  Let's just take a little look at the timeline of the last few weeks . . . .

May 22nd - My Mom had her 6th spinal surgery after falling and breaking her vertebrae
May 29th - we got an accepted contract on a house
June 1st - Mom was transferred to rehab
We had some birthday celebrations, a lot of packing, visits to the hospital, all interrupted with the sadness of Eric losing his dog, Sonny.
June 24th - Mom comes home from hospital
June 25th - Mom back to hospital with broken leg
June 28th - Donna and Barry arrive for the week to help pack
June 29th - Mom has leg surgery
July 2nd - Donna falls and breaks her leg
July 3rd and 4th - we pay for 16 hours of moving guys between the two days
July 4th - we step outside and watch some fireworks from our new driveway and I know that life will become normal again one day . . .

Moving has been hectic, but our kids are adaptable and will do anything for a popsicle.  Hudson has been motivated by the new house and decided to start pulling up to standing so that he can see more of his new surroundings.  Eventually Mom will move into her apartment on the lower level - Eric is already getting settled.  And maybe one of these days we will actually buy the house . . . closing has been on hold since 6/29 . . . luckily we were able to move in anyway!

This summer will definitely not go on record as the most fun summer we've had . . . but it's the summer we started our new life in our new home and found out just how much shit we can persevere through as a family.

Hopefully we will get back to regularly scheduled blogging with pictures of our 4 beautiful reasons for enjoying life :)

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Your new home is beautiful! I know you all will be super happy there.