Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finding Normal

With only 3 weeks left of summer we are trying to get back to a normal life . . . It's a work in progress!

The weekend was filled with errands and catching up after I had been in Portland all week - but we had fun!

Blueberries for breakfast 
Buying a crate for Nash
Rest time for all while Hudson napped
Waking up from rest time (with no regard to the clean laundry pile on my bed!)
Grocery shopping
Monday was an attempt at a regularly scheduled weekday . . . Maybe next week?! But Sam and Evan had their first night of karate camp!! They are in 2 different classes but I think they will love it - I know I will love someone teaching Evan some focus!!!

It feels good to find our way back to routine and out of the craziness that has been the last several months . . . 


Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Normal at your house is tons of laughing and giggles, running around, H turning over the dog bowl...again and E asking another very important question. And I loved every moment I was there! What wonderful helpers I was able to work with there. I can't wait to visit again and see everything in place. You are almost there!

Just keep swimming!


Tina. said...

Your toenails look to be painted the same color as mine :)