Friday, July 31, 2015

Big H

That is the nickname your Daddy has given you . . . And I love it Hudson Eric! Your big brother loves it to, and as is true to form for him, he has started referring to himself in 3rd person (which he has done for months) as "Big E". 

Your updates haven't been as frequent in our blog as your siblings . . . 4th child problems . . . But you have hit some massive changes recently. I was beginning to get worried about your lack of physical milestones - you rolled, sat, and crawled later than your siblings. Then the spark of movement hit you and after just a few weeks of finally crawling you decided to cruise. After just a few weeks in our new home you have mastered stairs - I have simultaneously been reminded of the frequent panic attacks that ensue allowing you to explore this new talent.

I would like to say you are a happy baby - but, in what I can only assume is your way of being heard in this crazy family, you scream . . . A LOT!!!!

You are mastering the world of self feeding and finger foods . . . But you have zero abilities with a sippy cup so far.

I can't believe you will be one in 2 short weeks. I feel like your first year has been a whirlwind of craziness. But I know that soon we will have 2 days a week where it's just you and me . . . Your big brother is starting preschool. I will cherish those days with my whole being . . . But I will love the 3 days where you and your brother will be home without sisters and develop the bond I already see between the two of you. The next year will go by even more quickly than your first year . . . And then it will be just you and me at home Big H . . . And then I will find a way to make time stop . . . 

You are already starting to look like a little boy instead of my chubby baby . . . 
But you are pretty much the sweetest thing in my world . . . Especially when you put your head in my chest. But you are definitely full on in the separation anxiety phase . . . I have to hide from you sometimes so you will continue to happily play with your siblings instead of wanting to be held . . . But only sometimes . . . Because I will hold and carry you as much as I can handle while I have the opportunity . . . I love you my sweetest baby boy . . . 

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