Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Day Out with Thomas

After years of princesses, we had our first boys' day out on Saturday - we took the boys to ride the train and have fun with all things Thomas! It was so much fun!!!

We all got tattoos before the train ride
Even baby boy got tatted up for the first time.
Then there was golfing
And finally the train ride
So goofy 
Of course there were pictures with Thomas and Sir Topham Hat.
Daddy bought the whole cd of pics - so I have plenty to print out for a little book - I think we will be going back a few more times over the years - Thomas comes in to town once a year . . . 
Hudson was actually pretty darn good having skipped 2 naps! But when we got home I took all 4 kids for a walk and within a couple houses Hudson had to get out of his car because he was falling asleep sitting up and hit his head on the steering wheel! He napped with Daddy at home.
He is my son - sleeps with his eyes half open :)

It was a great day . . . And I am so blessed to get a chance now to be a boy Mom and experience another side of childhood. I enjoyed reliving princesses and Barbies (and I am still loving the American Girl thing) - but doing trains, trucks, and superheroes is actually pretty fun so far . . . I adore these boys!

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