Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa stopped in on their way to Minnesota . . . Naturally we went to Cracker Barrell.
Then the joys of having a kid in school - or preschool - Evan came home with stupid lice! It has not been our year with that crap - it's been 2 months since the last time, so we know it was a separate instance . . . I said no way to dealing with this crap again . . . So out came the clippers!
And while they of course aren't happy about the lice . . . There are 2 happy grandmas about the haircut on this little boy!
Some selfies while shopping :)
Time was made for a wagon ride
Nothing will make you want to stop time more than looking back at pictures of your firstborn . . . And the rest of your babies getting bigger . . . 
She used to fit in the wagon . . . Then it was a little hard to pull with one sibling, and then with 2 siblings . . . Now she organizes snacks, warns not to open tops on drinks while she goes over bumps, and basically is the mini mom they count on . . . I wonder if the tires can handle Hudson in on top of the other 2 - of course they can, because they are all babies!!!!

We went to Aquarium to see Daddy while he was working - the kids love seeing the fish!
Playing peek a boo!
And just a couple weeks late we had Hudson's 1 year pictures taken - and we did one in his cute little boy outfit and a special one for Daddy :)
It was a busy and fun weekend - and in the opposite spirit of relaxation (and to note for knowledge of my children), I spent Labor Day morning cleaning out the car to find that cherry slushie does not come out of ceiling fabric (coke flavored spots do come out) - no matter what you use on it . . . 
Oh for the days that cleaning the car meant vacuuming and a little bit of armor all . . . 

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