Thursday, September 24, 2015

Proud Parent Entry

Tonight Samantha had her school music concert. She did AMAZING - she was so excited for this night, and she smiled, danced, and sang her heart out tonight!
And earlier in the week she brought home her invitation to test for her yellow belt in karate! Our singing ninja princess is pretty damn awesome and special!

Our older daughter has had a banner week as well. After scoring a not so hot grade on a science test (and her parents making threats!), Marlie brought home a 106 on her science test. She also had her first real "competitive" thing - she tried out for honor chorus and was one of three only 55 students to be chosen! And after the concert tonight she showed us yet another art piece of hers that was selected for display in the school showcases.
These kids definitely don't let us forget why they are the most awesome blessings to their Daddy and I.
And Evan (or Big Easy as he is currently going as in the house) is doing a fabulous job writing his name, learning a few site words, and entering the beginning steps of reading. He is also loving preschool!
LOVE THESE LITTLE PEOPLE - and I am so proud of each of them . . . 

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