Friday, October 9, 2015

Catching Up Again

I swear, I do not even know where the time between my entries goes. I am so behind on life right now - that is the only way to explain where my head is at! Anyway, I figured I need to get some photos off my phone from the last week or so . . . 

Hudson got his first haircut!
Everyone went for flu shots/mists.
We went to Disney on Ice and had a blast!!
We stopped by the school to have parent teacher conferences - and now both of our girls have art pieces in the display gallery. Samantha's cave man painting:
And of course we snapped an extra picture of Marlie's mask.
And to continue the proud of our kids 'accomplishments, we went to karate graduation tonight for Sam and Evan. They are each officially a yellow belt at their level!
It was a great ceremony and they both did very well at their katas.
Time for a whole bunch of pictures of us enjoying fall break!!!

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