Monday, March 7, 2016

Life Just Got Better

 We spent Saturday morning running around and with a little time at the ball field.
And then something pretty huge happened . . . Our best friends arrived in town to stay!!!!! The Holloways officially live down the street now!!!!

Ten years ago for our first Christmas with babies we gave our friends this ornament
Ever since we have always said "someday" . . . Between our 2 families we have put almost 20 moves under our belts in the last 10 years. Though we have never made it to the same city, or even state, we have gotten together once a year since the girls were 4 and 6 months old. The kids have grown up together from afar . . . But now they are going to actually grow up together. There are really no words for the excitement of having these friends down the street from us, the kiddos going to school together, and looking forward to a hundred more Saturdays of views like this . . . 

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Tina. said...

Holy s*** this is amazing news!!!!