Monday, March 14, 2016

The Fun Doesn't Stop When the Weekend is Over

Well we had 7 kiddos this weekend while Billy and Kareen had to make a quick trip back to Wisconsin . . . But we kept them busy! 

There was reading to the dogs at the library
And computer games for those that can't read yet.
Followed up with fishing in the rain . . . And ending the night with some late night bouncing!
And we capped it off Sunday with a trip to the Adventure Science Center . . . Big H finally gets to enjoy the little tot area!
And then we regrouped tonight for school spirit night at Texas Roadhouse!
I mean, yea, those are 6 of our supposed 7 children . . . But then there's a couple others that always have to get in the game . . . 

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Wow, I am exhausted and all I did was look at the photos! LOL