Monday, March 21, 2016

Prom, Haircuts, and Baseball

As always the weekend flew by . . . 

Jayson and I went to a party this weekend thrown by some friends . . . Not just any party, a prom party! It was a blast. 
We outfitted ourselves for under $30 at Goodwill.
Saturday also had some big moments for some of the kiddos. Evan had his first baseball game and got 2 hits!!! Not only is he the youngest on his team, these were pitched balls by the coach - not tball! I almost died from cuteness when he walked in and had his full uniform on.
I mean, how adorable is this guy?!
Marlie got her haircut as well . . . 8 inches that we were able to donate to Beautiful Lengths.
Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday and lounging around. All 5 of my hearts in one picture! They were watching a video of a marching band :)
And just to round out the post with another picture of cuteness . . . I can't believe in only 5 short months he will be my only baby at home with me on school days . . . 
And because I just realized I posted individual things about 3 kiddos, I can't not include my fierce little ninja. Sammie received her invitation to graduate to her purple belt in karate! She is in it to win it - that little girl is halfway to a black belt!
And now I am done!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

Love Miss M's new haircut and I can not believe how big H is now! Lot's of great things going on at your house. I like Jay's prom date...she's a beauty!