Thursday, May 12, 2016

I am Always Catching Up

Every once in a while it hits me that I haven't posted in a bit. It's not that life isn't happening, it's just happening at a rate and volume that makes it impossible to document!!

There was Mothers Day . . . let's just say it was a day . . . and it ended at a Mexican restaurant.
And there has been a lot of time spent at the baseball field . . . Should Evan read this when he's older, I want him to understand the internal conflict I have with the HOURS spent at a baseball field chasing Hudson in the heat for a sport that he doesn't really love so that I can teach him that being on a team and starting something mean that you don't quit . . . Damn values that I want to instill! I will say after this season, I am in full support of having a son that's a musician or a gymnast - which is the sport he wants to try next. He's been 5 for only a couple of weeks and we will be on our 3rd sport if we try gymnastics . . . BUT an indoor, air conditioned sport :) Truly though, Marlie has been teaching him flips and the kid is a natural - and I watch the teenage boys at our gym . . . those kids are STRONG! So we will give it a try - although my vote was for soccer next - something to have him CONSTANTLY running, that's what he needs! I may have him play just for that in an attempt to wear him out as he begins Kindergarten!

Anyway . . . Back to pictures at the ball field!
He got the game ball because not only did he actually get a hit, it was a BIG one - and even though he got out, he brought 2 teammates home!!
Cheering for brother and giving him high fives through the fence!!!
Then there was Evan's preschool performance.
I'm not usually the "tears of joy" type, but when they started singing and signing "remember I love you", the tears rolled at the sight of my baby boy!
And because I hadn't been pushed into the reality of the end of the school year, I then had the girls' end of the year ceremony for Girl Scouts. Neither one of them is bridging this year, but they still had a ton of patches they earned.
It's been another fun year . . . and we finally found a troop that we fit with! It's the first time since we left Clarksville.
And today Evan had his last baseball game and the girls had Field Day. More activities to signal the end of the school year and the start of summer . . . I am so ready for days just filled with swimming and outdoor fun . . . And the beach!!! The beach is calling my name in just 4 short weeks!!!!!!

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