Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beech Bend

We headed up to Kentucky today to have some fun at Beech Bend - an amusement and water park. It was definitely a fun time and a great way to wrap up summer vacation for the kids - we are entering the last week before school starts back!

We have to do some splitting up since Hudson is still young - and Evan is not quite as fearless as he used to be. But oh my goodness, they had some fantastic rides for the boys and Evan got to be a big shot older brother and show Hudson how it was done, and he couldn't have been happier!
I looked at this picture after snapping it and the only thought that went through my head was "yep, it's official - there will never be a girl good enough for either of you"! These boys . . . 
The girls were so excited about everything - they are definitely mine with their love of all rides and roller coasters. There was no time to stop for pictures - but I got one before we left!
Big H has no fear of water - and he also cannot swim - so that gets exhausting pretty quickly!
But after it all, we still had smiles on our faces . . . it's encouraging that we are nearing the ages where everyone can ride everything . . . the funnest times still lie ahead . . . And I kinda like the person I get to share them with . . . He's my lobster :)

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