Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Days

The summer is going by at warp speed. But it's all the things summer should be - friends, fun, and outdoors.

Lots of friends in town this weekend - some with kids and some without :)
Fishing happens A LOT in our backyard - so far, this catfish is the biggest catch!
A new playset has become the large centerpiece of our backyard.
This weekend I added the sandbox underneath . . . I thought I was adding it for Hudson. 
Turns out that the older 3 were deprived of a sandbox (having only had a sand and water table) and are making up for it. And Hudson seizes the opportunity of not having to wait between turns for the slide while they occupy themselves!
Of course there has been a fair amount of pool time as well - but it's been a rainy couple weeks around here, complete with flooding and massive storms. 

I clearly need to get back in the groove of pictures and posting . . . but that might not happen until some people get back into the groove of going to school so I can work . . . 

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