Saturday, November 12, 2016

School Fun

I went to the school to have lunch with Evan aka Brave Buffalo for the family holiday lunch.
He earned those feathers for knowing all of his personal information - phone number, address, etc. 
He melted my heart when he walked up and thanked me for coming . . . And then I walked the main art gallery and had a couple proud parent moments. 2 of our 3 kiddos had art displayed - I have never been in the school without at least one of our awesome kids having art displayed. This time it was Sam and Evan.
We headed back to the school that night for Sam's Veteran's Day performance. She did a great job singing her heart out on the front row!

And though Hudson didn't have school stuff this week, he made his mark on the week by eating 10 pieces of gum that one of his sisters left out . . . there was a good hour of projectile vomitting in which we discovered that he didn't actually chew any of the pieces! So that was fun minus the fact that he for some reason thinks he loves gum now!

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