Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cripple Creek

We took a drive on Saturday to explore and headed out to Cripple Creek. The drive out there actually heads through the towns we want to end up in - Woodland Park and Divide. It's a crazy beautiful drive.

Once we got to town the group vote was for a train ride (next trip will be Sam's lone choice - dropping 1000ft below the ground into a gold mine shaft!). We took a ride through the hills on the historic Cripple Creek and Victor narrow gauge railway. I dig the kind of history we learned - its recent US history. Now the wide radius of Teller County only has 27k people . . . Less than 100 years ago it was twice that with 30k of the people residing in Cripple Creek alone! Also - fun fact - the Pisgah cemetery in Cripple Creek is the resting place of Dr. Suzanne Anderson. She was the first female doctor in the area and her story became so widely known that even Hollywood jumped on the wagon - people learned her life and story through the show Dr Quinn Medicine Woman! I grew up watching that show on Saturday nights with my Mom!

It was pretty cool to ride the same railway that so many of the historic miners used - and you can't beat the scenery of our region . . . but with all the driving we didn't see any wildlife . . . until we were at home getting ready for dinner and a giant black bear took a stroll through our backyard . . . only about 15 minutes after the kids came back inside from having played in the back yard!!! Welcome to the mountains :)

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