Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

We only made it through half of the zoo today on our first trip, but we will definitely be back - we bought a membership!

It was by far one of the best zoos I have ever been to for animal encounters - and we only made it through half!!

A favorite part . . . feeding the giraffes. We have plans to feed the elephants in a few weeks (the giraffes and chickens can be fed every day for relatively cheap - the rhinos and the elephants are certain times for a little more $).

And we loved seeing the lion family up close!!

It was such a fun morning and we are so excited for many more trips exploring the zoo and all of the awesome programs it offers - and it's pretty much on the other side of our mountain, a quick 15 minute drive. I love our new home . . . I have a feeling that will be the end to many blog posts.

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

It looks like a super exciting place to live and we are very happy for you! Keep the photos and stories coming!