Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Days of Our Lives

This is said with the best intention and a good heart - certainly not in a bragging spirit (because we all know that the thought behind your words and actions is more important than the action in itself as it relates to karma) - Marlie Katherine is one of the smartest and most talented kids I have ever seen!!

She loves teaching school right now - so that encompasses circle time. In the pic above she was reading a story to everyone. After that came the lesson is soccer where she walked around to each of her dolls and animals and asked if they had a soccer ball at home and what color it was. Then it was time to go outside so she could show everyone how to score a goal.

The other fave activity right now is playing baseball with Daddy. She picked this up last week and is now a pro . . . and according to Jayson, old enough to sign up for a softball team!! I snapped a 30 second video on my phone of her playing - and she made 2 hits in that 30 seconds. She has the stance down, knows the positioning of her left and right hand, and has a great sense of coordination that I know did not come from me!

I've said it before . . . but I really do love this chic!!! She is awesome!

Not to be left out, we should also highlight Samantha's recent activities as well. On Saturday morning after she took a poop in her diaper, she decided that she shouldn't leave the stinky diaper on . . . so she ripped it off, threw it on the floor, stepped in it, and then took a parade around the living room (which in our rental is carpeted!). I had walked away for 30 seconds to put her dress that she had spilled milk on in the laundry room when Marlie, having a panic attack about the situation, rounded the corner screaming. Well - it's a step closer to potty training I suppose . . . . she doesn't want to wear a diaper :)

Again I say, if she had been the first, there might not be a second right now . . . .but I love this chic too . . . she has a free spirit and a will that are going to carry her great places in life.

And in an update in my world - I am officially unemployed from the corporate world and now an independent business owner!! WOO WOO!! On Friday my employer was kind enough to let me stop working 2 weeks earlier than expected . . . but still get paid!!! So that's it . . . 10 years after beginning my college education, I am done with the corporate world and having a boss . . . liberated would be a drastically understated description of how I feel right now :) Let's be honest - if you know me, you know that a boardroom was never the place for me (which is why I left to manage bars) and having a boss to tell me what to do when I was smarter than them was never a fun pill to swallow :) hahaha

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Tina. said...

I like how you posted an innocent little picture of Sam right after telling the Poop story.