Friday, June 11, 2010


4 Years of Life

A Few weeks old - her First Father's Day

13 months old - after her 1st cross country move

Right after turning 2 (25 months), becoming a big sister, mastering potty training, and going through the horrible event of her mother cutting her bangs!

3 years old

Just before turning 4 - enjoying her 3rd trip to the beach

Oh I can't believe it!!! Our baby is 4 years old today! There just aren't words! It's funny because she has always seemed "old" to me . . . I guess some people would say she's an old soul . . . but at the same time, it was just yesterday she was a precious little baby.

Here is my top 4 list for Marlie on her birthday:
  1. I love that she is such a great sister. She takes care of Sam, helps her out, and is generally protective and watchful when it comes to her little sister. I am pretty sure that someone has coached her to tell me that she wants a brother . . . but I know that she will teach Sammie to be a good big sister when the time comes.
  2. Marlie is my right hand chic. There are times that she too acts like a kid - but most of the time, she is my helper. When Samantha is finally potty trained, Marlie will be given half of the credit! She always wants to help and she is there to do the big girl things whenever I need her - and I love it when she says "I have a great idea Mom . . . " And as frustrating as it is at times, I love that she is so much like me that she knows what I'm thinking sometimes and jumps in to help . . .yes, I know she's only 4, but I told you she was old!
  3. She is smart! I mean, not like she's my kiddo and I think she's smart - but I mean really smart. A few examples: "Marlie, what's a word that starts with C?" - "Calendar" "Marlie, which dress do you want to wear today" "The one with the pattern - green, pink, yellow, green, pink, yellow" "Marlie - these are your vowels. I is a vowel - what is that word and picture for that vowel?" "Island - Mom, did you know that those are coconuts on that tree on the island? And did you know that if you break them open there's milk and you can drink it?" And she is teaching her sister all the important things to learn too!!
  4. There are few people whose words mean as much to me as Marlie. There is no word to describe the feeling when my daughter looks at me (usually once a day) and says "Mommy, I love you. And you are my best friend. And Sammie is our best friend too - because we're family, and we love each other"
So Happy Birthday Marlie Katherine . . . I cannot wait to see what this next year of life brings for you!!

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Tina. said...

I'll throw in one of my favorite memories of Marlie. When we were hanging out on your back porch and she was squirting a plastic toy bottle of mustard on us and saying "SQUISH!" so excitedly. I love thinking of her saying it, even though she did it over and over and over. =)