Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Do So Love Summer

Summer just always seems to be full of so much more fun laid back stuff. It seems that once you near September and get into October, you begin the 3 month stretch of the holidays - which I do love, but they are not as carefree as the summer days.

We have been fortunate enough in the afternoons to have only 40% humidity and 90+ degrees - so with a slight breeze, it's a nice day. A few more weeks and we'll keep the temps and be at 95% humidity . . . so we are soaking it in!

I am glad to see that our sand and water table is still getting used and adored . . . no one got tired of sand after the beach :)

Yesterday was spent at the splash pad . . . and it was at a park on base. This was an interesting experience - since I have never been on an army base I had no idea what to expect. I most certainly didn't expect standing in line at the visitor's center for 25 minutes to flash my license, registration, proof of insurance, and provide my social security number! But it's a very calming feeling once you cross through the guarded gates to the other side of the brick wall - it is truly it's own little town - homes, schools, the PX, and yes, even a Starbucks! But most importantly for us - a super awesome splash pad and playground . . . it's good to be able to look at one thing and say "Ahhh, finally the government's money put to good use!" HAHA

And today it was a trip to the rock quarry. It was pretty sweet! Not only did we cruise down in a van (not mine) to the bottom and tops of the quarry - we got to watch the trucks loading and unloading . . . and then had an awesome time with construction and quarry crafts :) A fabulous morning was had by both girls.

And for those days when we reach 90 degrees and 95% humidity - we swung by the library and got signed up for the summer reading program! We will be in the Tadpoles and Tagalongs group!

I think we will be relaxing by the pool for the afternoon . . . I really do love summer . . .

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