Saturday, June 5, 2010

And My Gut Feeling was Right

Chattanooga, Tennessee

I like Clarksville, Tennessee . . . it's a nice town, it's a small town, but we have started finding our place and are enjoying exploring it. It's been a busy and fun 3 months of life here.

But since we've moved here, I've had an underlying feeling in my stomach that this would not be our forever home. No reason to think that other than a gut feeling . . .

So the other night I texted Jay to bring me home a side salad. He called me and asked if that's all I wanted - I said yes. He then says to me "Okay, I'll bring you home a side salad and the possibility of a move to Chattanooga." WTH??!?!?!?!

Yup - it's been great Clarksville - and we'll enjoy a few more seasons with you, but come Spring 2011, peace out - we are heading to the big time city of Chattanooga, Tennessee to open up a new restaurant for our fabulous company!!

Riding in the car with my Mom a few weeks ago I just busted out laughing and she asked what was so funny. I had no real reason but I was cracking up - the only thing I could say was "If you don't laugh sometimes then you'll for sure cry" . . . . I laugh at this :) And while there are people that would read this and think that Chattanooga isn't our forever home - I have to say this - it is the exact halfway point between our families in Knoxville and Atlanta . . . and it's a beautiful city. And sometimes, if you don't smile and think that something might last, you'll for sure cry. :)

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Tina. said...

Well I have a gut feeling that Chatt is where you'll stay. Seems like the perfect fit to me. Cheers bday month friend!!!