Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Stats

Enjoying cupcakes at their birthday celebration

We did the well child visit thing today . . . both girls at once . . . for some reason, I have told myself 2 years in a row that this is a good idea . . . and I think perhaps if Jayson was there with another set of hands, it would be a good idea to knock 'em both out at once . . . but it can be a little much when you're handling 2 kiddos and remembering to ask questions about one that don't apply to the other.

But we did it - and Marlie was AWESOME!!!! They told her to sit down and test her hearing and she was right on the money - like she had taken a million hearing tests. She would raise her hand and say "beep" and was very proud! Sammie was herself - I say that with all the love in my heart. After 2 stints in Children's Hospital, Samantha has more than a healthy fear of the doctor's office . . . I am thinking she will outgrow it. She improved greatly after Marlie jumped right up and did her exam first. But we were kinda downhill after the iron test and 3 shots . . . but that's alright - 1 more Hep A booster and we are done with shots til 5!!! Oh, minus flu shots I guess . . . ugh!! Did I mention my husband hates needles, so he doesn't do shots?! That's okay - I don't do nails, so he has to clip all nails in the house - we mesh well together :)

So the statistics:

Marlie Katherine at 4 years old: 41in tall and 37lbs

Samantha Michelle at 2 years old: 34.5in tall and 26.9lbs

I don't really follow the percentile thing anymore - they're all so different. It was fun on the first kid when she was 97th percentile on height and weight every time! But now I just compare them against each other. And Sammie is shorter and chubbier than her big sis @ 2! But I don't need numbers to tell me that - I have piles of clothes that fit or don't to tell me that!

Bottom line - we have 2 happy, healthy, developmentally on track (and ahead) kiddos - doesn't get much better than that . . . well, the fact that they are completely adorable and have vibrant personalities does makes it better I guess . . .

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