Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Geez!

Aaahhhh . . . we are home . . . and I would like to say it's peaceful and relaxing here at home - but let's be real - our car was trashed and I have what feels like an endless basket of laundry to fold right now!!

First - a few highlights from the trip:
  • Marlie's current catch phrase "Holy Moly Spicy Guacamole"! Said at least 5 times a day!
  • We made the whole trip - 2000 miles and over 30 hours in the car - WITHOUT THE DVD PLAYER!!!!! Don't worry - I have already given myself a high five for that!! I am truly proud of our daughters! But if I were being honest - I will tell you that I busted it out within 10 minutes of being in our hotel room . . . everyone has a limit you know!
  • We made it 1845 miles before Daddy got a speeding ticket - luckily he was only caught doing 79 in a 65!
  • Even though it wasn't the happiest of occasions - we were glad to spend a day with extended family and honor "my Great Grandma" as Marlie and Samantha say :)
  • We enjoyed the beautiful break in the heat - would you believe it was only 71 degrees on the day we picked to go to the zoo?!?!
  • Of course - we met Dora and a few other select character friends at the MOA.
  • Marlie did her Home Depot project with Uncle Ryan . . . and Sam did her first project with Daddy!
  • Marlie took her first ride in a Jeep!
  • We just had a fun time with a few great friends and our family!!
I am going to post pics in groups all week long as I get them organized . . . but I will share this one with you . . . I would've driven that 2000 miles twice to see the sheer excitement of this moment for my daughter . . . .
And then another 2000 miles to have this picture for my husband

And 2000 more to be there for the the event that preceded this picture

It was a great trip! There are a lot of things about the city that I miss. I was asked by a few friends that I miss very dearly if I missed it enough to move back . . . simply put - never :) But it was a nice visit . . .

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