Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Weekend

We started the weekend early since Jayson was off on Friday . . . we headed to Chuck E Cheese to play a few games . . .

Then on Saturday the girls and I headed down to the market . . . didn't pick up much since we are heading outta town in a few days . . . but we had fun and ran into a few friends

And while we were at the market, Marlie took some pictures!

And we finished off the weekend with a nice walk on the Greenway this morning - seriously, 1.5 mile walk through the woods pushing 62 lbs worth of people in a stroller in 90 degree heat (that's not counting the humidity and heat index) . . . . but sometimes you've just gotta get out! After the good sweaty walk, we've been inside finishing up laundry and cleaning . . . I have a sickness that I have to clean my house from top to bottom before we leave on a trip - because I cannot stand not coming home to a clean house!! It's only one small part of my OCD :)

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