Friday, January 14, 2011

A Quick Note

I have to put this down for memory . . . actually, in April of 2008 was when we started the blog - right before Samantha joined our family . . . so this April I am going to take 3 years of blog entries and pics and have them printed into a book. I have to put stopping points somewhere so I figure our 3 years as a family of 4 is a good book. Then we will start our family of 5 book!

Anyway - I know some things aren't always the most fascinating to read, but they are for my memory. So this week of our life has been all about potties and diapers . . .trust me, I know! But at the end of this crazy week - what I thought was going to be difficult, hasn't been at all! The final challenge I thought we were going to endure was going from that cute little princess potty on the floor to using the actual toilet. Well, just as easy as everything else! We had a Dora seat that we bought a while back and this morning Samantha just decided that she was too cool for school to use that little princess potty . . . she was going on the big one like Mommy and Marlie! So she tossed on the Dora seat and used the toilet! And that was it . . . luckily the little potty shuts and turns into a stool - a very nice $20 stool - but at least we can still use it :)

I think that concludes our week long blog devotion to cloth diapers and the potty!!

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