Friday, January 21, 2011

What Day Is It?

You wouldn't know it by these smiling faces, but these girls have just gotten over some heinous stomach bugs . . . luckily both were short lived. Samantha had a 103 fever and 5 hours of puking Wednesday night . . . Marlie got it Thursday night - no fever, just some intense hurling for 5 hours. Unfortunately, that put a cramp in our plans for today to head down to Nashville and have some fun at the mall after my doc appointment . . . but I did bring back some Valentine outfits for their animals from their fave Build a Bear!

We also got about 2.5 inches of snow last night . . . so between the snow and the stomach bugs, we have been hanging out at home a lot. Today after going through several board games, Marlie decided that she is now interested in her chore chart . . . so we hung it down at her level and let her pick out her responsibilities.

An exhibit of one of her favorite responsibilities . . . setting the table!! Samantha has graduated too - because she now has a learning mat like Marlie - Marlie has numbers out currently, and Sam chose dinosaurs . . . her most loved dinosaur is the one she calls "long neckey" (thanks Dino Dan) . . . Marlie corrects her every time informing her that it's "right name is a Brontosaurus, Long Neckey is just a nickname"

Also going on right now . . . Samantha is fully independent on the whole potty front - no words for the pride I have for her accomplishments right now. She has also decided that she has watched sister enough, and now enjoys playing the computer games on . . . much to Marlie's dismay - she has informed us that Sam needs to get her own computer! ha! This week Sam also really loved her time at the indoor pool at the Y - she went fully under and came right back up and didn't so much as blink! She likes to go so deep in the water walking on her tiptoes that she made the lifeguard nervous! Both girls are going to start indoor swim lessons in March and April and then finish up in the summer sessions . . . so we should have a couple of swimmers by July!

Marlie is VERY excited because I pointed out her elementary school to her the other day - she was pleased at the playground specs! Jayson and I have agreed that expecting a baby and the thought of a newborn seems normal . . . talking about school physicals and enrolling our first born in kindergarten - extremely weird!!!! She is also working on clocks and time right now. I never realized how much stuff goes in to learning to tell time . . . right now we are practicing counting by 5s. Marlie has also asked to attend ballet school . . . I told her we'd discuss it, but we are going to wait until fall . . . she has also asked to play baseball which we will sign up for in a few weeks :)

And as for our little boy . . . I had my final doc appointment in Nashville this morning - and it was all good news. The cysts are completely gone from his brain!!!!!! We are 100% clear for any issues :) Funny though - the tech this time asked the same thing "Is your husband tall?" ha! Baby Boy is weighing in right at 2lbs and is measuring for length at 27 weeks (I'm only 25 weeks). Upon hearing that I came home and went ahead and washed all of the 6mo sized clothes!

I think that is all for now . . . life is awesome . . .

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