Tuesday, January 31, 2012

9 Months Already?!

I can't believe that Evan is 9 months old already . . . and at the same time, the way he moves, I can't believe he's only 9 months old! Today was his well child - no shots, but they did check iron levels, and they're great. He is also 22lbs (70th percentile) and 30in (95th percentile). I don't buy into the percentile stuff . . . but I have zero doubt that he is healthy. He is almost in all 24mo clothes right now - and like his Dad, he is all torso - that makes fitting clothes awesome! Right now he only has 2 teeth, but he has 4 more on top that are about to come through! So he chews a lot right now.
At 9 months old he has gotten into dog food, tried to climb into the washer, can scale 8 steps in 30 seconds, attempted to pull down speakers from the wall, broken blinds by pulling up on them, and the list of his curiousity endeavors goes on and on . . .
So now Evan hangs out in this gigantic playpen . . . aka baby jail! My Mom bought this when Marlie was a baby, but I never used it with either of the girls, I didn't need it . . . but with Evan - it's the ONLY way to cook a meal!
Evan loves to smile . . . he will be in a crabby mood and starting to throw a fit, and if a stranger in a store smiles at him, he will immediately stop, spit out his pacifier, and flash a smile back. And these days, even though he's a fast crawler, he would much rather be standing and cruising . . . unfortunately, he finds my pant legs rather accessible pulling up devices most days :) And to celebrate turning 9 months old, Evan decided he no longer wanted his nursery set - the one with fish that I was so stoked about?! Well, the bumpers came off at 3 months old, the crib skirt came off at 8 months when we had to drop the crib all the way, and the other day at nap, Evan used his go-go gadget arms and pulled the quilt out of the clips and off the wall!! So it was time to transition his room. I found the cutest set and tons of accessories (again, almost brand new) on craigslist - it's Olive Kids Transportation pattern - and I saw it and knew it was perfect! I decorated his room with all of the canvases and fun things today - but the set is for a full size bed . . . so probably a year before we use that comforter and shams, but everything else looks awesome in the meantime :) I also rearranged the furniture a little, changed the changing table to a dresser (he didn't fit on the pad anymore anyway), and moved out the ottoman from the glider so he has more floor space to go nuts on!

It is truly amazing to me how quickly time flies . . .

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Wiz said...

Cant believe it has been nine months! He is such a cutie!