Sunday, January 29, 2012

Circus Time

We headed down to Nashville today for the Ringling Brothers Circus! We got great seats at a super awesome price because we went with Marlie's Girl Scout troop! We showed up a little early and got to walk around the circus ring too.

But before giving our kiddos the fun experience of a circus, we stopped over in the Vanderbilt area to have lunch at a favorite place of ours - Chipotle! This was a favorite of ours in Minnesota that we totally took for granted . . . luckily, they have spread to the south! Then it was on to the circus . . . where fun and cotton candy were had by all (well, Evan didn't have the cotton candy . . . but he did get some Chipotle, so don't feel bad for him!) Evan made it almost all the way through before we had to leave for a walk and a nap in the carrier on the front of Mom! And naturally, the girls got home and wanted to play circus :)

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B-Dub said...

Glad you guys had fun. Just going to throw this one out there: Top pic makes Miss M look like a hunchback. Just sayin.