Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tough Girl

Marlie has had a cough for about 2 weeks - she was perfectly fine besides the cough . . . Until Sunday. So I had been treating her with allergy meds.

I mentioned that she threw up on Sunday and I assumed it was car sickness. Well Monday she didn't eat all day and said she just wasn't hungry. Yesterday morning she woke up saying her stomach hurt, so off to the doc we went.

After X-rays and then back to back breathing treatments it was determined she had a sprinkle of pneumonia (the doc and radiologist differed in opinion) and horrible bronchitis. And the vomiting? It was because her airways were so constricted and there was so much mucus - the doc said she was surprised she hadn't puked her guts out by this point.

So now she is on steroids and breathing treatments every few hours - home from school today sitting on the couch. And pretty much since I heard the words X-ray and pneumonia I have been slapping myself! WTF was I thinking that I didn't notice this?!? Oh that mommy guilt that I thought I shook after #1 and certainly once I was in my wise 30s - nope still creeping up! The girl truly never gets sick and never complained once about the cough - minus her puking, which was her body's way of complaining!!! But how sick does she look in that pic??

Ugh - gotta sharpen up that mommy radar! And of course I am half joking about the guilt thing . . . But she's tough enough to handle my radar being a bit off ;)

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eHawkins said...

Oh gosh! I hope she feels better. Gotta love the Mommy guilt. Ever since Stella came out I have felt this for sure. I'm putting her in daycare in 6 weeks and the guilt is definitely setting in. It's best for all of us but she's going to get sick, A LOT. So I better get my Mommy guilt under control and get a dose of your Mommy radar! :-) You're one of the best Moms I know!