Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Weekend of Awesomeness as Always

 Well there's a new blogger posting thingie, so we will see how this works!  Clearly as you will see I have to figure out something about the images since some are twisted . . . but it's Sunday night and going through editing them to turn them is just not on my radar right now :)

Friday night the girls and I headed to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese . . . Evan didn't go but he got spiffed up anyway! Love this little shirt - it's kinda hideous with a bunch of fish on it, but it's a cute button down from Gap . . . doesn't that automatically make it right?! ha!  And if he isn't the portrait of handsomeness . . . his little look just screams "You know you wish you could pull of this shirt"!  1 week until he turns 1 . . . geez!!!

At Chuck E Cheese you can now pay to do the Ticket Blaster

There are no words for the hilarity that you have to wear protective goggles in this thing!  Anyone else remember the ball pit?!  We have gone from the unsanitary pit of who the hell knows what to protective goggles . . . oh Chuck E . . .

 Saturday morning we headed down to River and Spires - a local spring festival - the cold weather kept enough people away that we were able to do everything we wanted with no crowd! My definition of perfect - coupled with the fact that everything was free!  There were bounce houses and slides
 Lots of characters to take pictures with and hug!
 Crafts to make - homeade environmentally friendly bird feeders
 Balloon artists - even Evan got a balloon - the guy was great, he even made a ring on Evan's so it would tie onto the stroller.
 Face painting
 And more face painting
And then we headed home . . . I wasn't fully prepared for the weather (45 degrees is freezing in TN in April you know!), and Evan looked like he was turning into a little ice pop!

Later on Saturday we headed to our Girl Scout Earth Day picnic . . .again, freezing since it was only 50 by that point . . .and with Marlie getting over her sickness (and did I mention she gave it to me and it took me 2 days to break a 102 fever!), we didn't stay extremely long.

And then there was Sunday . . . Marlie and I celebrated Earth Day by going to Grandma's house recycling paper - close to 60% of the world's paper exists in my Mother's home, so we feel we made a good impact this Earth Day :)  We came home and ate dinner and, because what other way do you want to get ready to start a new week, Samantha puked and started coughing . . . I'm not thinking we are on the road to breathing treatments yet . . . but what do I know?!?!  I just work here . . .

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