Tuesday, May 1, 2012


After 2 weeks filled with steroids for 2 kids, breathing treatments for 2 kids, and antibiotics for 1 (all of this just the girls) - then a weekend full of activity with family and a birthday, I literally fell onto the couch Monday afternoon. I looked at Jayson and told him I just needed a few minutes to sit (I am beginning to think those days that I ran the 102 fever I should've gone to the doc - I cannot get my energy back!!!).

Anyway, I sat for less than 10 minutes when the phone rang - the school nurse! Marlie had fallen on the playground and was complaining her arm hurt. The nurse seemed to think she was fine and able to go back to class - I asked which arm and found out it was the one she broke last summer. I asked to speak to Marlie and within 30 seconds I knew she didn't sound right. I got the nurse on the phone and told her I would be there in 10 minutes. I picked her up and we went straight for an X-ray - oh yea, broken arm! Same arm, different spot!

So now we have a soft cast on it and managed to get squeezed in at the orthopedist tomorrow to find out if we need a hard cast and if so, for how long.

She is actually doing great - just some obvious pain. She instantly remembered how to deal with one arm - bath time rolled around and she said "we need a trash bag Mom" and then was rifling on my desk. When I asked her what she was doing she said "remember, when we put the bag on we need to to clip it". Wow - it breaks my heart that she has to go through this again - she even remembered what jammies would fit over a cast better!

We will see what the orthopedist says tomorrow - if I am alive - 3 kids out of the house and to the doc by 7:30am - may some force of peace be with me!

The stats now - everyone is done with steroids and breathing treatments - Marlie has antibiotics for her ear infection and Ibuprofen for her arm. And here's hoping that Evan makes it out unscathed!!

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Wiz said...

Bless your heart!! When it rains, it pours!