Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Fun

We packed in a lot of fun on Saturday!  It started with a Ladybug Picnic with area Girl Scouts at a park.  We dropped Marlie off to have fun and walked down to the playground.
Evan enjoys the swings for short periods of time . . . and he likes to climb - but not on plastic when it's 95 outside.  So on this particular day he enjoyed just walking around with a bottle of water - drinking some, crackling the bottle, dumping some on himself :)  We have bottles left from the girls party . . . but luckily he gets just as much joy from hearing our aluminum bottles hit the ground! ha!

Then it was off to a birthday party!  It was a space theme - which is awesome because Marlie has recently wanted to start learning all of the planets.  Currently Mars is her favorite because it's red - followed by Saturn because it has rings.  She is teaching Sam as she goes too - Sam likes Jupiter because it's the biggest and Pluto, well, because she thinks it named after Disney's Pluto.

My 3 space explorers
And Sunday we did NOTHING!  We had a jammie day at our house and enjoyed Daddy being off from work.  We have very few of these days in our life, but when we do them . . .it's so nice!  We watched some cartoons, did some puzzles, and watched a movie - 101 Dalmations (the movie, not the animated).  It was pretty awesome.

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