Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Dump

Thursday night was pirate themed at our last summer pj storytime.  The girls wore scarfs around their heads and had swords from Disney - no one wanted to wear the eye patch - after 2 minutes of wearing it I could understand - it was weird!  Marlie helped lead the song at the end complete with signs (that's her bff Helen next to her).
 Here's the professional photo we got of the 3 kids - I am not thrilled, but hey, at least we did it.  The original plan was to go to Nashville - but injuries kept us from that appointment.  I decided to go local, but after waiting for an hour and 15 minutes and still being nowhere close to being called back, I said eff it and went to Wal-Mart!  So there you have it!
 And here is Evan's 1 year picture - I don't think it even crossed my mind that he wouldn't sit still for pictures . . . I don't know why I thought he would . . . oh wait, because I have 2 girls who actually sat for portraits since forever!!!
 Marlie got a belated bday present from a friend - more Legos!  After much deal making, Sam talked her into letting her put them together.  Samantha - the master of Legos - over 80 pieces in around 25 minutes!
And this is what a typical meal looks like on Evan's side of the table - let me provide the unspoken situation going on here - "Sota - do you want some mashed potatoes? Cool - but I can't toss those on the floor like I do the rest of the food so you're going to have to come over here and get it off of my spoon when Mom's not looking . . . go now!"
 "What mashed potatoes?  We have no idea what you are talking about Mom"  I amuse myself :)  And yes, he ate the potatoes straight off the spoon!
 We have had to move our bass for the surround sound to behind the tv stand - someone likes to climb - and the remote box to the mantel - thank goodness it's cute! 
 We went to a baby and kid fair on Saturday - LOVE that it was indoors since it was pouring and everything was free.  All fo the family stuff in our town definitely is an upside . . . maybe it won't be so bad if we end up staying here . . . but I am saying NOTHING . . . I won't jinx anything!
 This picture is titled "Waiting for these chics to get their faces painted is driving me to drink"!  I actually looked at him with his little car and thought of a keychain I used to have - it was a bottle opener that said "Don't drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill it" . . . get it?!?!  And it was a freaking bottle opener!!!
 The painted faces
 And when the rain let up, we got to pet some goats!  I use the term "we" loosely as Samantha was the only one who wanted to do this!  Well, Evan might have but there is no reason to traumatize some goats!
So today we went school supply shopping - there were great sales and Wal-Mart price matches so we could get everything in one place!  Sam didn't want to go - so she just let Marlie know what color folders she wanted.  I definitely bought 30 glue sticks since they were $0.10 - don't judge - we do a lot of crafting!  We also packed and prepped all of Marlie's stuff for camp!!  She starts her first camp tomorrow with Girl Scouts!  It's all day and she is so excited!

Off to finish catching up with photos . . . there seems to be a lot these days :)

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eHawkins said...

You are the busiest most organized Mom I know!

The kids' picture is just adorable. Only children can take a classy picture at Wal-Mart. They seriously look like Olen Mills and that crap is expensive!

I'm personally loving having a girl for the shear fact she isn't as active as a boy. Boys are so hard at this age, at least that's what everyone tells me.

I hope Marlie loves camp this week!