Thursday, July 19, 2012


I spent the day with my fabulous 4 year old today!! Marlie was at camp and Evan wanted to hang out and watch the British Open with Daddy - so we did our thing!

We dropped Marlie off at camp, took our recyclables to the recycling center, stopped into the library for some reading time and a few extra books, and then headed to the museum for painting and fun!

I think it's important to have time with each kiddo individually once in a while - but I feel so strongly about it with Sam! She isn't the baby who needs constant attention, and she isn't the oldest who will out talk anyone, anytime - and her sweet nature lets her blend in sometimes, so it's nice when she can be the center of everything - its when I see her personality shine the most.

Two things:

1. Today Oasis came on the radio and Sam said "I like his voice, he's a good singer!" She is my daughter - and when she recognizes Bob Marley, she's Jayson's daughter :)

2. Samantha says my name about 112 times a day - and there are times where it seems like a never ending string of inquisitive "Mommy?"'s - but I have learned to ALWAYS watch my tone when she says it, because after about 50 of those doesn't come a question - instead she simply says "I love you". How awesome is it that I have somebody who likes to tell me that literally 50 times a day????

This girl is such a fabulous little person and her smile is the sunshine in my day every day!!!!!

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