Monday, July 23, 2012

The First Camp Experience

Marlie was in Girl Scout Day Camp last week - every day from 9am-4pm. In Tennessee in July that is extreme!
She did everything I expected - crafts, camp songs, games, etc. What I wasn't expecting was to feel like I was looking in a mirror back 25 years when they did their program yesterday!!! No joke - if you know me, you know that outside of pregnancy hormones I am just not a super emotional person - but dammit, I had to force the tears back!! I kept telling myself that this is what I get for laughing at my Mom for crying at what I always thought was stupid stuff.
It was like it all of a sudden hit me that she was not a little toddler anymore! And of course I was sitting with a bunch of moms who had their youngest in first grade so they have been there done this a million times . . . And naturally she did a fabulous job with her program and her leader said she was great (actually that she was very glad that she was more self sufficient than the others since she had 12 girls to take care of - and that she was so happy to have her).

They finished camp in the same way every day - with the flag ceremony!

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eHawkins said...

I know I am going to cry when Stella does everything because she's the oldest. Well and only for now but we'll remedy that in a few years. I've never been a super emotional person either but kids just do that to you I think.

And yes I used to laugh at my Mom too. Kharma is such a B***