Thursday, July 12, 2012


So yesterday was the 2nd day in a row that Evan followed me into the bathroom every time I went and then proceeded to sit on the stool in front of me.  And then when I would get up, he would get up.  Huge red flag in my book . . . so I busted out the little potties - one downstairs and one upstairs.  Do I intend on potty training?  No, not right this second . . . but that's the same signal that Marlie gave and that's why we put a potty out for her . . . and she's the one that had herself trained by 2 . . . so I will go with it.  Really I am just hoping the whole "boys take longer" balances out with the "cloth diapered babies train sooner" and we average at 2 1/2 :)  But I wasn't expecting this site in my bathroom so soon . . . WOW!
A few months ago Marlie started getting into Lego sets.  I sold the girls Little People blocks and used the money to get them each a new set.  Marlie got a Lego friends set and I naievly got Sam the Duplo ones - you know, smaller than Mega Blocks but bigger than Legos?  Well Sam liked them for about a week and then started working on Marlie's . . . the Duplos are now in the pile for fall consignment . . . and Samantha, yea, don't worry about it - it took her 2 sessions at about 1 hour each to independently complete the Beauty Shop . . . but she did it - all 223 pieces . . . WOW!!!
The program at the museum today was about puppets. And the activity was to make your own puppets . . . and while very different, each girl's puppet was AWESOME in it's own right.  Marlie's was a 2 toned pattern perfectly colored - then she decided if she made a little adjusting of her own, she could get the arms to flap - so she did.  Samantha's was purple for her favorite color and brown "because that's what color bears are Mom!" . . . but every color - in the lines!!!  Barely 4 and she colors completely in the lines . . . WOW!
I say all the time that I am amazed by these 3 . . . each one of our kiddos is so different, but so completely awesome and wonderful.  WOW . . . never thought I could be so impressed by people under 4 feet tall . . .

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eHawkins said...

Wow is the best description for that post! Your kids are amazing! I love that you got the potty out, that is so smart. Once Stella starts following Darren and me into the bathroom I'm getting one of those toilets!!