Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome Hudson Eric

What a day!! We started off excited and ready for a baby - after all, we are pros at this! Little did we know . . . 

Getting our scrubs on and ready to start the party!
Well then the fun started with my heart doing some crazy wavering . . . Hearts were the theme for the day. But we headed to the OR and kept a super close eye on my heart. And then at 11:23am Hudson Eric Crandall made his way into world at 7lbs 9oz and 20.5 inches.
Unfortunately he was swept off to the NICU for measurements and tests regarding his heart. While they quickly cleared him, he wasn't released from the NICU for 6 hours!!! Daddy took the girls to meet their new brother . . . 
Grandma also got to see baby Hudson - unfortunately, I couldn't. I couldn't walk yet and was spending my time trying to shake the numbness from my legs. But I did have three beautiful little people to take selfies with :)
Finally after 6 hours of the NICU having my baby, I got to take the best selfie of all with our new little boy!
Seeing him for the first time outside of the OR was amazing!
So now we have both been cleared by our respective cardiologists, and we are resting in our new room ready to attack the night.
Welcome to the world Hudson Eric - we can't wait for you to find your spot in our family - I think you will fit in wonderfully!

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Tina. said...

I'm impressed you took so many pictures! So, did you pop some champagne or what? =)

So so so so HAPPY and THRILLED for you guys. I love you all.